Meet some of the lives that we have changed
through the “Sharing the Hope” health fair

Irma Maria Magaña
Jose Trinidad Lopez


My name is Ines, and my problem was severe abdominal pain, sometimes you can’t have health insurance or resources to pay for these expenses.

At the end of November, I heard on the radio that CSF Surgery Foundation was going to have a health fair where they would have several free health exams, besides that a friend told me that he had already gone to that place and that they had helped him and yes, when I went, I was treated wonderfully. Before going I had called for information and when I heard the voice of the person who answered the phone, it seemed very familiar to me as if I had known her for years, but I could not identify her name, only her voice.

When I went to CSF Surgery, I was referred to Irma from CSF foundation and she arranged everything for me to go get the free health fair exams. I asked for the lady who had answered the phone, but she was busy, so at that time I couldn’t see her. The next time I went I was able to meet her and yes, she read the word of God in church and that gave me a lot of confidence, I knew she had a good heart.

Finally, they made me an appointment with the specialist because the studies revealed stones in my gallbladder. I want to thank Erick who attended me at CSF for his enthusiasm and human warmth. I am pleased and grateful that I am already operated, I put myself in the hands of God and of all the professionals, they operated me at Bakersfield Adventist Hospital, and the service was warm, all very favorable.

Thank you, CSF, keep helping people, there are many who need you because they don’t have the resources.

Irma Maria Magaña

Irma María Magaña

I came to CSF Foundation’s Sharing Hope Health Fair to do some exams and screenings because I don’t have insurance, when I did the tests, it turned out that I had stones in my gallbladder. I had my surgery 7 days ago at the Bakersfield Heart Hospital with Dr. Enriquez.

The doctor is very good, at the hospital they treated me very well although I don’t speak English, they helped me with the translation, I felt very good. It has been 7 days since I had surgery, I am pain-free, and I am having my follow-up appointment with the Dr. for a check-up and to remove the stitches. I found out about CSF Surgery through the Health Fair.

I recommend this place to everyone who needs help, call them, or stop by. CSF foundation helps a lot, they attend in Spanish, connect with doctors, and help financially. Keep an eye out for Health Fairs to get exams, and they’re free. I thank Dr. Enriquez and all the CSF staff; they are all very kind and helpful.


Rebeca Sánchez

I am Rebeca Sánchez and I want to give my testimony. I attended a health fair that CSF Foundation held for the first time in 2018 and they did several studies where they detected problems and I was able to treat them. The health fair was a great help for me to improve my health.

Also, through CSF Surgery I was able to have a hernia operation, it was almost an emergency. At the health fair last year, they found a tumor in the thyroid, now I have just had surgery thanks to Dr. Enríquez, who is an excellent person and as a professional not to mention. They treated me very well everywhere, even at Memorial Hospital, the language was not a problem since they use a translator so that we can understand everything.

I had researched how much the hernia surgery would cost me and it was like $60,000, imagine! And to operate my thyroid, I didn’t even investigate because I knew without a doubt that CSF Surgery was the right place.

Thank you very much for all your attention and the help you gave me from the health fair until now, it is priceless what you do, of great help. Also thank you for all your patience and especially Dr. Enríquez.


Silvia Tamayo

My name is Silvia Tamayo, I would like to share my experience with my cancer process. I found help through the health fair that CSF Foundation organizes every year. A coworker gave me a health fair brochure. I had a mammogram, and it came out abnormal. A CSF medical advisor contacted me, they referred me to Dr. Enriquez, and they did a second study that came out abnormal and was recommended that I do a biopsy. They then confirmed that I had cancer. I did not know and did not have the means to go to the doctor, I did not have insurance, and through the health fair I had the opportunity to treat myself. Thank God they found my case in time.

CSF Surgery and Links for Life took care of everything, I did not have to pay for follow-up exams. I am immensely grateful to them, to all the staff who attended me, to my coworker and to God. Dr. Enriquez said that the health fair was worth it because they found me. A year ago, I had a mammogram that was abnormal, the study was redone, and the doctor said I had nothing. When Dr. Enriquez examined me, he told me that my problem was not new, that the tumor had already had time to grow. I think they didn’t do a follow up for not having health insurance a year ago. I will always have that doubt. I think there are many women who are in the same condition.

When they told me I had cancer, I felt as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown at me. I’m just assimilating it, I already had my surgery, thank God, it is very difficult to assimilate when you are told you have cancer, I never in my life thought that I would be in this situation. I do not have a history of breast cancer in my family, it was not the first time that a mammogram was abnormal, and I did not worry, the surprise was that cancer was positive. I encourage all people to take care of themselves on time, even if they do not have a history of cancer in their family and do not have health insurance, take the opportunity when there are free events, in my experience you will find help.

I do not have insurance, CSF made the entire process from the mammogram, biopsy and with Dr. Enríquez accessible to me. The price is also affordable. 

My surgery was at Memorial Hospital, they treated me very good, all very professional. I had no problem with the language, or with the fact of not having health insurance, CSF Surgery took care of everything. Thank you, I was very satisfied with the work that the doctor did, his staff, they are very understanding people who try to help you as much as they can. I thank Dr. Enríquez, Cirugia Sin Fronteras and CSF Foundation. I am very grateful to Dr. Enríquez, Cirugia Sin Fronteras and CSF Foundation and everyone who was part of my healing.


Debbie Walker

My name is Debbie, and I am at CSF, a wonderful foundation. I found out about them from Dr. Mensink, at The Practice center, and thank goodness for that.

I did not have health insurance and CSF worked with me wonderfully. Dr. Irani was absolutely fantastic, very professional, very good surgeon. My surgery was at Bakersfield Adventist Health, I had a very, very, very good experience and everyone at CSF was wonderful and professional.

Before the surgery I had a big growth, like a lump in my throat and my sister noticed it first, I went to Dr. Mensink and they did the tests, they discovered that I had a mass, it was a goiter in my thyroid, but in addition to that, I had several nodules that they found out with further testing, they decided it was better to just take it all out and now I’m on thyroid meds and I feel great!

I did not try to look elsewhere for a lower surgery price because I have some family members who are in the medical profession and they could not believe how wonderful this price was and with the best surgeons to take care of us.

Dr. Mensink recommended you, I really like him, so I came to CSF Surgery.

When they told me the price of the surgery, I thought it was very affordable, I have friends in the medical field, and they said that even if I had paid cash, I would have paid three times as much, so yeah, it was wonderful, you guys are very professional.

My experience in Dr. Irani’s office was excellent, everyone was very nice, his assistant, a super nice gentleman, I really enjoyed it. I had a wonderful experience there. There was no difference in treatment with other patients who do have health insurance. When I first walked into their office, I told them I was with CSF, they said it was fine, no problem.

Everyone prayed for you to be here to help everyone, it made my heart warm that medicine is still not about money, it is about saving lives and caring for people.

Dr. Irani, you were a wonderful surgeon, so professional, you made me feel so comforted, I really enjoyed my experience there and I will let everyone I know that if they need a good surgeon, you are!

Jose Trinidad Lopez

José Trinidad López

Through a friend of my wife, I found out of CSF Surgery, she had an operation through CSF and everything went very well. Thanks to the health fair, they gave me all the tests I needed, and they helped me with the cost of the surgery. Dr. Enríquez was the surgeon who operated me and after the surgery the doctor sent me pain pills, but I never really needed them, the operation went very well and now I feel better.

The doctor and staff at the Heart Hospital treated me very well. I don’t have health insurance and I recommend CSF Surgery to everyone who is in the same situation. The costs are low and all the staff at CSF Surgery are very good, they are a very friendly team, and they help you with everything.