CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation’s “Sharing the Hope” Health Fair, held from 2018 to present, is a unique annual event that provides no-cost preventive and early detection screenings for medically uninsured individuals. The Health Fair also provides its participants with access to medical appointments with doctors and specialists, and individualized guidance of highly trained bilingual patient advocates.

In 2018, Karla Terrazas, founder of CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation, developed a health fair concept that reinvents the access to services through an annual community benefit event. A health fair providing preventive and early diagnostic medical exams, where the patient can talk to a doctor about their health concerns and receive personalized guidance in their language, complete medical follow-ups, and access to additional community resources.

CSF Foundation held its first “Sharing the Hope” Health Fair in September 2018 with the support of hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, laboratories, doctors, specialists, non-profit organizations, multiple sponsors, and altruistic individuals.

Our “Sharing the Hope” Health Fair is continually growing in the Kern County community. We currently provide 24 diverse types of preventive and diagnostic exams, appointments to see specialists in 8 different medical specialties, and assistance in accessing medical and surgical treatments.

Our first fair, in 2018, had the participation of 1,500 individuals. The following year, in 2019, it was already a long-awaited event in the community and had even more participation. In 2020, due to the pandemic, we modified the initial interaction format of the health fair from in-person to virtual with the objective of protecting the community and simultaneously continue with the work of “Sharing the Hope.”

The 2020 Virtual Health Fair provided more early illness detection services than in previous years. Through a virtual event, individuals can participate remotely, by logging in online or by phone with the flexibility of hours and days of participation, becoming more accessible and personalized than traditional health fairs. With an appointment-based system, we coordinated for the patient to access all the studies they need at a time of their convenience, allowing with this to preform complete follow-ups.

In 2021 “Sharing the Hope” continued with the virtual format, reaching more than 3,000 individuals who accessed preventive and early detection exams, appointments with doctors and specialists, the individualized guidance of highly trained bilingual patient advocates, educational material, videos of our doctors talking about multiple medical and surgical topics, local resources, social assistance, and food.

In 2022 “Sharing Hope” will continue its work through the virtual platform and hopes to continue growing to help people in need in our community.


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CSF Medical Non-Profit Foundation is pleased to announce that our next 6th Annual “Sharing the Hope” Health Fair will once again be in person. Our community and local organizations will be able to enjoy a morning full of information and health.

Simultaneously, we will maintain the virtual platform open so that those who cannot attend the in-person event continue to have access to preventive and diagnostic exams, as well as appointments with doctors and specialists, personalized guidance, educational material, and community resources.

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For more information call us at 661.404.4748 or e-mail us at: info@csffoundation.org