Here you will find the answers to users frequently asked questions

What are the conditions to access free services?

  • No health insurance
  • Suspect that you have a medical and/or surgical disease
  • Have a justified reason to carry out the study and/or medical examination (Ultrasound).

If I have health insurance, can I access free services?


Do I have to register online for my studies?

Yes. In case you cannot for any reason, you can call us at (661) 404-4748 so that a medical advisor can help you perform the steps or do it for you.

What if I could not register, but am interested in the exams?

You can call us at (661) 333-5746 so that our medical advisors can get you a good discount on the exams you need.

After I register, what is the next step?

You must select the exam(s) that you are interested in and sign up for each of them individually. During the next 24 hours, a CSF Foundation medical advisor will contact you to ask you additional questions and coordinate the day of your exams.

Can I take multiple exams, or should I only choose one?

You can register in more than one. But remember that you must have a justified reason for the study and/or medical examination.

If my ultrasound shows any abnormalities, will CSF pay for the diagnostic ultrasound?

YES. If your ultrasound is abnormal, CSF Foundation will contact you to make an appointment for a second diagnostic ultrasound.

After I obtain my official ultrasound result showing that I have a surgical condition, what should I do?

CSF Foundation will contact you to schedule an appointment with a specialist.

Do I have to pay for the appointment with the specialist?

If you registered on the days of the health fair, December 2, 3 and 4. The appointment with the specialist will be paid by CSF Foundation. If you did not register during the days of the fair, you must pay for the appointment with the specialist. CSF Foundation will provide you with discounted costs of more than 50% for your appointment during the month of December.

What if I need surgery?

If you need a surgery CSF Foundation will connect you with CSF Surgery to reduce the costs of your surgery up to more than 70% in most surgeries. But you must have the remaining money for your surgery.

Where can I find resources for food assistance or other needs?

In the virtual health page you can go to and go to the resource link, there you will find a series of pages that will take you to find the resource you need.

Where can I find educational material and learn more about diseases?

You can print, download, or share educational material from the following link: 

If you need information about different surgical procedures, you can go to the site:,  click on the specialty you need and again click on the surgery that suits you.

For any additional questions, please e-mail us at